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Westtwin Entertainment is a multi-media company specializing in art, design, and animation. The primary focus of the company is to provide audiences of all ages with quality, engaging entertainment through various media formats including novels, comic books, graphic novels, games, and film/video. We are currently planning on yearly project releases with monthly content updates. But, as our portfolio increases, we hope to produce larger and more involved creative endeavors that will be released every 6 months and reach an ever widening audience across the world.


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We will be starting pre-production on our first project in June 2012 called KIZMIT. Kizmit is an adventure-fantasy story about a small hero who sets out on a grand adventure to finds clues to his secret past. A secret that could change the world. Envisioned as an “animated movie in a book”, Book One will consist of 10 individual chapters released as seperate comic books throughout the production cycle. For more information about the project, goto:

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